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Corolla 1.6 2005 - Will it ever die???


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Not so much a question but an observation: 

I put my wifes 2005 corolla 1.6 hatchback in for its MOT check this morning expecting a long list of problems to be solved. The car itself is running very very well but with these inspections its always the unseen that catches you out in my experience. I was hit with a bill for spare parts of ... zero. 

I pay for the cleaning of the engine, under body and the headlights and that is it. Not another thing required... 

Honestly, I know the whole 'throwing the toyota off a big building and it starting to prove how tough it is top gear sketch' is played to death but Im starting to believe that in truth these things never !Removed! die. Ever. We service it once a year, I drive the nuts off it day to day and it never misses a beat. 

Are the new ones as good?? 

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