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Check vsc, engine, 4wd lights on dashboard.


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I have a 2006 d4d Rav4 and the engine light stays on saying check engine, vsc and 4wd. I have had a valve replaced ( sorry can’t remember the name of it and as you’ve probably guessed are mechanically ignorant) which hasn’t solved the problem and had it taken of a second time and cleaned ( build up of carbon) and still the lights stay on even though it’s been cleared by a diagnostic machine. The thing is with winter arriving it won’t go into diff lock and I don’t think the 4wd system and abs braking works when the lights are on. Every so often the lights go off and everything works as it should but soon come back on 1 or 2 days later. Hope someone can help as I really like the car but don’t want to get rid but may have to as I need 4wd because of were I live and work. Thanks.

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