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Fit Sony XAV-AX1000 (Apple CarPlay unit) into my Avensis 2007 D-4D T25/T4

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The factory-fit bluetooth audio & sat-nav systems in my Toyota Avensis 2007 T25 H/B (UK T4 spec) is crashing my iPhone on connecting since the last iOS update. There doesn't seem to be any easy way to upgrade the car's system firmware. The sat-nav has never worked during my ownership of the vehicle.

Is the Sony XAV-AX1000 (Apple Carplay unit) a DIY fit into my  vehicle and do I need any additional parts to mate the wiring systems and to use the steering wheel controls?

Is there an app or web function that matches Pioneer's "match my car" functionality available for Sony products? I am trying to avoid fitting a DAB-DAB+ unit as I'll scrap the car before spending that kind of money. 500/600 euro

Thanks, mathepac

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4 hours ago, mathepac said:

There doesn't seem to be any easy way to upgrade the car's system firmware.

if it's a TNS700 then the firmware updates are included on the satnav mapping update discs - update your maps & if a new firmware had been released since your last your unit firmware got updated.

You would probably need a replacement fascia panel & possibly a harness adaptor/interface - something like

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Thank you, but unfortunately it's a TNS310 (Traffic) Plus according to the documentation in the glove-box. I was hoping to get A simple Carplay system done for around 300/350 euro.

The car was apparently used as a "rep-mobie" in its earlier life and someone seems to have butchered the wiring harness to fit tracker hardware & software as there are intermittant electrical faults. Nothing major - auto-rain sensors work sometimes, rear wiper works but washer doesn't, the radio can be tuned but only sometimes, the binnacle clock is consistently 4 minutes slow and the steering wheel audio controls don't work. Now bluetooth is so outdated I can't pair either an iPhone nor an Android phone to the car  and when I try the iPhone it crashes.

The car has passed all government MOT/NCT checks before I got it and since, so no safety worries, just to be able to listen to music or the radio and use the iPhone hands free and use its nav software which isn't too bad at all.   

Thanks again, mathepac  


[edit] the in-dash CD-player *does* work and the sound is quite good for a factory-fit system.

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