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Yaris wont start


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Hi guys (and girls!)

Yori (my little red Yaris) wouldn't start last week (absolutely nothing there at all - no dash lights nothing) and I called the RAC out who said it was the Battery which had a bad cell, I bought a new excel Battery from euro car parts as they had an offer on and it was half the price of the one the RAC man wanted to sell me, I have fitted this and have tried to turn the engine over.  The Battery is now a new one and I have dash lights coming on and it is trying to start, it nearly fired up when I pumped the gas but then it cut out on me.  I'm now not sure now what it could be, have I flooded the engine maybe? and if so does anyone know how I clear this?, it has been cold and damp recently so maybe its damp somewhere?  Someone at work mentioned spark plugs which I remember years ago my Dad trying to show me on and old car, I've had a look at Yori but cannot even see where they are - his engine has a big square plastic piece right in the middle covering most things, does anyone know if they are under this and is it easy to get to them or do I need to pay to get a mechanic out to the house - something I am loathed to do, after buying the battery I really cant afford it and so wanted to try to determine if it is something minor I could do myself in the first instance.

Thanks all 🙂

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When the RAC person came out, did they get the car started or just say you need a Battery?

Possibly you might have another issue, but I’m not convinced that it’s flooded. Could it be an immobiliser that’s kicking in.

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If it is flooded the best way to clear it is as follows:-

Turn on ignition, push the accelerator to the floor and hold it there. 

Try to start the engine and keep it turning on the starter for 30 seconds or until it starts.

If it starts take your foot off the accelerator and let the engine idle for a while.

If it doesn't start then flooding may not be the problem.

Good luck

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Carparts4less is cheaper and sell the same batteries as eurocarparts. If the car is cranking you can rule out the starter motor.  For spark plugs though I found greensparkplug company good, i used the denso Iridium tt which is halve the price of the oem though I have put them in both my avensis and yaris and are good for over 100 000 miles 



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Thank you all for your kind help and advice - Yori is up and running again!!!!   🙂

Turns out that although it did need a new Battery, which was changed and is fine and after changing the spark plugs, thinking it might be them and tbh they were terribly sooty and so probably needed changing anyway, I called out the RAC Chap again who after some time did manage to fire up Yori and explained I had just flooded the engine. Doh!!!  But it has been really helpful reading your comments and nice that there is such a friendly support network of Toyota owners.

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