Problems with Toyota Yaris 05

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Hi There, 

I have a Toyota Yaris 2005 model and recently I’ve been having some problems and wondering if anyone could help. 

My steering whilst I’m driving occasionally becomes very heavy requiring a lot of strength to steer the car which is not normal. I don’t know if this could be a problem associated with the ABS as this light seems to light up when this occurs. 

On one other occasion today I turned my engine off and when I went to turn it back on several minutes later my engine wouldn’t start and immediately cut out however a few minutes later would start normally with no problem. Could this be associated with the cold weather. 


Thank You!! 


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I would check the Battery. The steering wheel motor maybe not getting enough voltage....

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As above, check the basics, Battery, earth connections & power steering fluid. ABS light could be a sensor although should throw up a code if you know anyone with an OB2 code reader.

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