Rav 4 childrens seats/Generally comments

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I am looking to change the Corolla soon enough and was wondering if it was possible to comfortably seat 3 kids across the back of one of the 'new' shape Rav 4's from 2013 onwards (or when they went Big): i.e. is there enough room in the middle for a third Child seat? Does the Rav 4 normally come with 3 Isofix points across the back seat. What is folks experience of this car as a Family Motor?

Also how do people find the Hybrid model? is there much of a difference in real world Power between the the Hybrid and the normal Petrol 2.0? I would be using it to commute 600km per week. 4wd is a necessity given that we have to deal with snow and Alpine passes. 

Responses are much appreciated. 







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Save yourself a fortune, keep your current car and buy one of these, we where one of the first to buy one when released.

Yes, they do seem expensive, but compared to changing and buying a car, they are cheap.

Solid as a rock as well, last forever and you will get most of your money back come sale time, as you never really see second hand ones for sale.


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