Steering wheel interface for T27 2009 - 2011.

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Hi everyone, my first post as I just got myself an avensis t27 2009 model. First mod I tried to do and I failed! Installed a pioneer headunit and the steering wheel interface does not operate all the steering wheel buttons and those that do are selective and not for the matching button. I have got the avensis t27 model year 2009 - 2011. I  have looked through many posts and I cannot find anyone who has already posted this. I have already contacted connects and their suggestion is CTSTY001.2. I read it is up to 2008 model without the phone features. I am guessing that this is the one I have tried already. I have seen the CTSTY002.2 which I believe is from 2011 onwards and it does have phone features. I have searched through the whole of connects website page and I can't find one specific to 2009 - 2011 so would anyone know if CTSTY002.2 will work or does anyone know for sure which product works for sure? Not sure if it is relevant but I am replacing the panasonic w53828 factory headunit. Please help!



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I still have the stock 53828 stereo, so have not changed to aftermarket. If you have a friendly supplier, you could try the later interface in place of the one you have. 

If my logic is correct, Everything from 2009 to at least 2015 should be compatible.  

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