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Rear washer

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Hi,   I have a 2004 French built Yaris T3 5door. There is no wash water coming to the rear screen  when the control is operated. The front works fine. Before I start to dismantle anything, can any one advise me as to the set up ?   Are there two pumps - one for front and one for rear - or is it just one pump with two outlets ?   Any recommended supplier ?


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Your car will have two pumps on the reservoir, for the front and rear.

You will have to undo clips to the right hand wheel arch liner and bumper to access the pumps.

Avensis have been using the same type system for years. When my Avensis front screen pump failed ( couldn't hear the pump), I got to the pumps and swapped the connections to confirm the motor was dead and not the wiring. Activating the front pump motor made the rear washer squirt. When I tested the rear connected to the front washer pump, nothing happened. I replaced the from washer pump and all was fine.   

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