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I had some help of you when I first got my Rav about 4 years ago,but haven't been on here for a while because the car's been driving brilliantly!

However,yesterday morning as I started it (very cold morning),it started making a whine ,the whine goes up with the revs,whether the car's stationary or moving,and whether it's in park or drive.

By the way it's a 2001 Rav 4,2l petrol auto.

Took it to man on wheels today but they were unable to find any fault,the guy said it's just air being sucked into the exhaust,but I know it sounds different.

It also smells a bit burny!

My husband suspects the auxiliary belt and tensioner,does this sound plausible?

I'll be very keen to know your opinion,and thanks in advance for all your advice.

BTW the car still drives very well,it hasn't affected the performance at all.

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Hi Sue your beloved  could indeed be correct.A slipping belt in the pulley would cause a burning rubber smell. this could  could be a faulty water pump,tensioner,or alternator. Does the belt fit lower in the pulley on anything it drives or is the bottom of the V shiny as this would show if the belt is worn on the sides which is how it grips the pulley  I wonder if the belt through slight slippage is making it sticky and so it drives the ancillaries when you get to the garage I fail to see how the exhaust is sucking in as that in under internal pressure. That would be like a blown up balloon sucking in air

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