2005 Corolla T Spirit 3dr seat adjustment broken - Alternative seat options?

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Hi there,

Long time member (from when I had SW20s and Celicas back in the day!) but never posted!

I have recently bought a Corolla T Spirit which has just failed its MOT due to the seat adjustment mechanism not working (back & forwards) - it is fixed in one place and it doesn't look like it is possible to fix the mechanism itself. I didn't actually realise that an inability to adjust the seat was an MOT failure, every day is a schoolday!

So, in order to pass the MOT, I think it would be easiest and quickest to replace the seat itself - but I'm struggling to find a direct replacement within a reasonable distance (I'm in Reading).

I wonder if anyone knows how cross-compatible other Toyota model seats are - whether they share a mounting pattern on the floorpan - if I buy a pair of front seats from something else it could be a quick fix. (Secretly hoping I can swap in some MR2/Celica seats or something and nab an upgrade at the same time!)

Any advice much appreciated!!



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