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rear wiper blade

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how in gods name did they made changing this such a pain in the ****

got the flat blade  ones from tesco as a short stop   as these ones  i had were just smearing,     read on here the 19" fits   so since there was no  16's in store   picked one up  and it doesnt fit  unless im doing something really wrong  / stupid here, 

got the front one done in 30 seconds,  rear one  was a pain  and now  ive broke two of the tabs off the wiper arm so heading on to ebay to look for one    

when i found the new one not fitting , i  pushed the old one back on  and  pushed the tabs  in  to secure it   and they snapped off,  meaning  the wipers on    but isnt secure  


is there a simple way  to do this or am i being   really daft  about this  as ive had no problem changing blades  on any car ive ever had except this one  lol  

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