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1CD-FTV engine replacement


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I've got a Rav4 with the 1CD-FTV engine, with a snapped timing belt (I bought it like that, it wasn't caused by a lack of servicing on my part!). The valves look like spaghetti.

I want to replace the engine, however almost all the engines I'm coming across have been taken out of Avensis or Corolla models. They have the same engine code, but the top cover is different.

Does anyone know if it's possible to replace the engine with one from one of those cars? I have all the ancillaries from the Rav4 so I can swap out mounting brackets and components like that, it's just the main block that I'm concerned about. 

Does anyone have any idea if it's do-able or not?


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In case anyone comes across this thread form Google etc, apparently no you can't replace the engine. The main block is the same, but the Rav4 and Avensis have a different cylinder head even though the engine code is the same.

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Weren't there two different versions though? One was 1CD-FTV on T25 Avensis, or CDT250, and the other was the one fitted on T22 Avensis, so CDT220 probably (or was it CDT150?).

There have also been documented talks about turbo units being slightly different for this same engine in different models, although again it's not quite clear where people got those engines.

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