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Stuck hand brake


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Aygo MMT from 2008. Has been trouble free for the past few years (70000Km). Do oil and filter service by myself but have not touched the brakes. We were away on a holiday to Asia and came back after two weeks. The wife tried to drive to work this morning, but the back brake shoes were stuck on the drums. The car would start but not budge on engaging the gear. Tried moving the car with both forward and reverse gear engaged to try and dislodge it but only partial success. The right side got dislodged but the left rear still stuck. The car moved forward dragging the rear left stuck wheel. Jacked up the left rear side. Removed the left rear wheel (it was snowing and cold, frozen hands!). Took a slab of wood and applied it to the face of the rear drum and hit the wood slab with hammer a couple of times, moving the slab around the drum.  After about 5-6 blows, it got unstuck. Test drove the car. The brakes worked perfectly now. Phew, that was lucky. What a terrible weather and having to work out side. I thought that this write up may help some one else in future with stuck drum brakes. I have now decided to take apart the rear drum brakes come summer and service them.

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Glad you got it sorted. Rear drum brakes do tend to get neglected, because all the mechanism is hidden within the drum. Also, the brake dust builds and clogs the mechanism, as it's difficult for this build up to escape the drum enclosure.

Just some info for anyone who owns an Aygo. If you get it serviced at the Toyota dealer, the 'Full', 'Full Plus' and 'Gold Essential Care' servicing does include a clean up and adjust of the rear drum brakes.

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