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Tsport 2zzge oil pressure when hitting lift

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Hi I'm fairly new to the Toyota scene and have a question.

Recently bought a tsport and it drives nice, it has a aftermarket Oil pressure gauge of deubious quality, which in all honesty is more of a burden as its got me worrying.


From cold it's at about 7 bar at idle and when warm it drops to 0.7 bar.

All fine and within spec, however when hitting lift it appears to rise with revs like normal then drop upon hitting lift. Not got anything more scientific then that for now as the dial is in a stupid spot so will need to borrow a mate to film it.

TLDR: has anyone else noticed a Oil pressure drop when lift engages? And if it's not normal what could cause it?

Finally not even 100% sure it isn't just the **** wireing job shorting the sensor out

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it is definitely dropping 

From 6 bar down to about 2 bar when lift hits then in lift it wavers around 2 to 3 bar till redline

My first random stab in the dark is Oil sloshing in the pan??

Doesn't seem to make sense though as it is a short sharp drop when lift hits.

I am guessing this isn't normal but I don't actually know so if any of you guys have any input that would be appreciated.

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If the engine Oil is too thin it will drop. Need to use 5W/30 to 2ZZGE spec.

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It is a fully synthetic 5w 30

I am thinking of trying a 10w 40, I know some of the honda boys run 0w 50 so I figure going to a 40 for testing purposes is ok.

As a side note I took the gauge out as I couldn't see it from the drivers position and if possible I will be re locating it to a more visible spot 

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