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Replacing gear lever gaiter (boot) procedure


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My gear gaiter has torn and have purchased a new leather replacement. Due to wear and tear....

I have managed to remove the plastic trim surrounding the gear stick and unscrewed the gear knob. (Just pull the trim upward with a bitof jiggling and force will come off...)

But.... I have faced with a problem. Because there is another lever for using in the reverse gear. I can't simply remove the plastic disc that retains the spring. It has 4 holes which I think it is the locating hole for the removal tool.

Do I need a special tool to rotate the plastic disc? If so, do I need to ensure the disc is screwed back into the exact position to ensure when engaging the reverse gear is not affected.?

Anyone done this sort of job before?

I hope I can get some instructions from you guys to fit it, otherwise I have wasted £13 for the new gaiter with no use...

Thanks for any thoughts...


Note, whilst I had the trim removed and with the gear lever mechanism exposed, I greased and cleaned up the area...lots of dust and other unwanted fluff...



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