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Water pump/ Timing belt/chain


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Hi l currently own a 2006 Toyota Aygo with 63.000 miles l have recently had it serviced and l need to replace the water pump. What l am wondering is if l replace the water pump should l also replace the timeing chain as l read in an article somewhere that this is recommended after 60,000 miles. 

Thanks in advance for your advice 

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I did a quick check on the Aygo engine, and since it a timing chain, should not need changing. So long as regular oil changes have been carried out, and the chain itself is not noisy, leave alone. It costs a lot more to change the chain, than a rubber timing belt. Speaking of which, my old Avensis had a timing belt, and that was changed 60,000 miles or every 5 years, whichever came first - usually the 5 years. 
Here is one video I found.

The alternator belt may need changing, and that is cheap. 


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With water pump you should also replace the belt that's driving it, and the coolant, that should be it.

As said above, just keep up with the regular oil change intervals, check the level occasionally, and that should be it.  If the change gets stretched, and starts to rattle, then it's time for change, but this maybe happen after 150k or so miles. 

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