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Wheel Trims

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I have a T registration 1999 Corolla, Liftback. It has R15 tyres and I'm looking for a set of plastic wheel trims. Toyota themselves don't have what I want and after checking both Amazon and eBay, questioning the seller, they all come back to me saying their wheel trims won't fit my wheels because of the old style wheel. Does anyone know of someone/website, that has plastic wheel trims to fit the older car. ?

Thank's for any assistance. 


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I looked on Ebay and used 'toyota corolla wheel trims' in the search bar. Another menu will then come up called 'Find parts for your car' where you can enter all of your car details and hopefully find a set that will match, maybe you have seen this already. 

Even if the wheel trims aren't a perfect fit you could use white or black cable ties to make them secure if you don't mind the appearance too much. Stops them falling off or someone removing them quickly. 

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