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Puff of blue smoke

jeff juke

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Hi guys how is every one. As some as you know im a disabled driver and my car dont get a lot of motorway driving however,its been about

6 months maybe longer since i gave it a good run as its mostly short trips it does. I was on the motorway last week and i was cruising at 60

for about an hour.I came off the motorway and came down to a roundabout to which i had to give way to the traffic on it.I got a chance to

pull out and when i did there was a large puff of blue smoke which i saw in the mirror,then it cleared and when i accelarated again there was

another  short puff.On the way home the car was fine,no blue smoke at all, even when i booted it in sport mode.Oil level is fine so no worries there

so i was wondering if it was clearing the Sh#t out the engine due to the short runs it had ? I await any answers thanks in advance.

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Soot can indeed build up in a cat that does not get hot enough to burn it off, I know peeps who had the same problem on a MOT test and was told to have a good run in a in a middle gear on the local M1,  that did the trick

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2 hours ago, fugly said:

hi it could be valve stem oil seals 

If it blew blue smoke at each cold start up......perhaps.

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Thanks for all the replies guys.Oil level is fine and no blue smoke on start up this morning.

Car has only done over 55000 think i will give it a blast down the motorway more often.

Thanks again....

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A 2010 2.2 D4d Auto will be a D-cat engine which has a DPNR fitted blue smoke can be a sign of poor or failed regneration attempts

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