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Auris 2.2 smoke


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Hi, I'm new to the forum I have purchased a 2009 Auris 2.2, everything was good on the test drive but driving home 200miles I noticed a bit white smoke not under load done it about 5 times. Am I right in thinking it's dpf regeneration the owner only drove 2000 miles per year. 

Also the fuel consumption is terrible only

Advice in regards to smoke would be most helpful no warning on the dash. 

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Hi Barry, welcome to TOC 🙂

It could be regeneration especially if the previous owner only did 2000 mpa - presumably mostly v. short journeys?

There will be no warning on the dash re. regeneration (I don't think that any car manufacturer does).

However, you should also be aware that this AD series of engines had the potential for a small % of them to develop head/headgasket issues that to fix to Toyota-approved standards would now cost more than the car is worth (they had an foc remedial programme for 7 years but that is now well past).



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The car came with full Toyota service history, there is no coolant loss nor milky residue on the oil cap, I drove the car back and when I noticed the smoke I drove in 4th gear at over 2k for 25mins and hasn't done it since, if it was a head gasket would the likes of powermaxed head gasket sealer do the trick or is it head off and skim 

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