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Unable to transfer contacts from Phone to Car Media unit


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My media unit is Touch 2 with GO. Phone is Xiaomi MI A1 running Android Pie.

I can take and make calls via the Media Unit. So it is properly paired.

Media unit says it can't get the Phone Book. It suggests it must not be set to share.

On the phone I go to Contacts and then Select All. And then Transfer.

I select bluetooth as the destination and then select Touch 2 with GO

The phone says it is exporting the contacts and then says the xfer was not successful.

It looks like the phone was making a .vcf file and trying to send it to the car media unit.

Anyone got this working? Suggestions please?


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Thanks Scott.

Do you recall if you used the procedure I described in  the  OP?

It appears to assume that the car unit can handle a .vcf file.

I have seen old references to using the phone menu to mark the contacts as "shared". I cannot see such an option on Pie.


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This is usually caused by a permissions error made when initially pairing the phone with the car, shortly after making the first pairing your phone will have had two pop ups asking you to accept/allow/agree two permissions if these are missed the phone deny's the car access to phonebook, messages, emails etc.

The only way to reset the permissions is to delete the pairing from both the car and phone, then re-pair the two and wait for the pop ups on your phone accept/allow/agree the two pop ups once this is done the headunit can automatically pull the info from the phone.

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