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Cat recently stolen from Prius 2006


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I recently had my cat stolen from my Prius (2006) last week (in broad day light).

I bought a replacement off eBay and got a local garage to fit it, the engine management light was on, and he said i needed a sensor so i bought the sensor off him... he reset the light and clear dashboard!

Soon after driving the car the light came back on, and the car was making a very loud noise, so went back to him and he said i needed a gasket, so he ordered one for me and charged me to put on and again reset the light.

I have again just driven this morning, and the engine management light has come back on again, firstly is it safe to drive, prior to my cat being stolen, my car was a dream to drive.... secondly the management light coming on for a 3rd time, is it the sensor, i specifically bought the sensor from him to get rid of the light.


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SWMBO had hers stolen a few weeks ago, we took it to the Toyota dealer. It needed a complete new exhaust (as the back box was rusted on), sensor, seals and gaskets. They quoted £1200 for genuine Toyota parts and £800 for aftermarket, we went for the latter. no problems since. Peace of mind but expensive. I know I probably could have DIY'd it for about half that but this was less hassle.

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