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No, but I'm not too sure how that might help.

The ECU is programmed to know about the four specific TPMS valves that are installed onto the wheels of that specific car. These valves regularly alert the ECU that everything is OK in terms of pressure within the corresponding tyre. The TMPS warning light will come on if one or more of those signals is absent for a period of time - and will automatically go out again once normal pressure is restored. So, you will get the TPMS warning light on if any of the following conditions apply:

  1. A tyre pressure is low
  2. A TPMS valve is removed from the car - e.g. a different wheel or set of wheels is used
  3. The TPMS valve is damaged - as perhaps when a tyre is replaced 'carelessly'
  4. The Battery in the TPMS valve runs flat - typically after more than five years

I assume that you have checked condition 1 and I doubt that the batteries should be flat on a 2017 car. Could any of the others apply?

Replacement of a TPMS valve is a main dealer job - they would need to programme the identity of any new valve into the ECU - though I'm sure somewhere, someone knows how that might be done by an owner!

If all four TPMS valves are good and the tyre pressures are good there is a little button (placed invisibly under the steering wheel) that can be used to reset the system to recognise a new set of 'correct' tyre pressures. The 'how to' is described in the handbook.

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there should be a reset button on the vehicle I would have thought.

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On some recent cars (especially those that have a screen near the speedo controlled by steering wheel buttons) it's in a menu under the gear cog icon.

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