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Creaking Cabin trum

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My 2015 Yaris Hybrid  is near silent from under the bonnet unless its pushed, virtually inaudible tyre noise, no rattles from the mechanics , the most annoying and frustrating noise is the front door trim, especially from the drivers side, creaks like a bucket of Lego , and cant see any way of sorting it . Anyone else have this problem and found a way to fix it ?

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I don't have a Yaris, but on an Auris the door card is surprisingly quick and easy to remove if you (or a mechanic) wanted to see if something behind it is causing the creak.  I'd be really surprised if the Yaris was any different.

The door trim clips are more willing to be pulled out of the door frame when the weather is warmer, and also less chance of the plastics getting cracked.  The door trim will likely have at least 2 long screws to secure the door grip/handle, and one behind the door-opening lever, which are probably concealed behind some pull-off trim.

Be wary of using silicone-based sprays to 'lubricate' the trim, in the longer term these can degrade certain plastics.  Been there, done that!

The clips (7 off?) will be mostly positioned around the edge of the door card, and look a lot like these:-




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