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Dealer Number Plates


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I was wondering if anyone could help me by pointing me in the direction of a number plate company that could make me up some "old" replica dealer number plates.

My 1994 Carina still has the original ones on it but are cracked on looking tired, so despite me contacting the company, which has since changed names, and having spoken to some graphic people, no one seems to be able to help make me a pair.

Any suggestions would be grateful  ?



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Don't think you will be able to do this. The British Standard allows for the supplier of the number plate to enter their details on the plate, but not, as far as I'm aware, details of another company (whicg would be the case with the original dealer who sold your car new). See:

The British Standard also requires each number plate to be permanently and legibly marked with the following information:

  • The British Standard number (currently BS AU 145d)
  • The name, trademark or other means of identification of the manufacturer or component supplier (The company that made the plate)
  • Name and postcode of the supplying outlet.


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In theory I imagine that it's possible that it could be done but they possibly may then only be "show" plates i.e. not road legal. Also, a number plate supplier may consider that it's simply more work than it's worth ... 

The law specifies that there must be a blank area/margin round the identifying letters but you can have an oversize or lipped plate with personalisation outside that area. Obviously if you want the plate to be road legal then it would have to be made up with the current approved font, character sizes etc. & those may be different to what was approved in 1994.


P.S. You can actually have the name, trademark etc. of the registered number plate supplier laser etched which complies with the law to be permanently & legibly marked but is essentially invisible unless you are up really close.

P.P.S. BS AU145e is apparently imminent (indeed it was expected to be approved in March 2019 - possibly delayed by Brexit taking up all parliament time?).

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Thank you both for really informative answer, I will investigate the show plate idea nearer the time my car is show ready (about 2 years lol).

I will also investigate having the cracked repaired in the one I have, crazy idea I know, but again, thank you to you both.

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1 hour ago, Mike169 said:

certain companies can supply old style UK plates.

The old style number plates (white or silver font on black background) are legal on vehicles first registered up to the end of 1972. From 1st January 1973, the yellow/white reflective number plates replaced the old style plates. Paul's car is a 1994.

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