Yaris XP130 brake discs and pads

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Hi All,

I couldn't find relevant topic, please link me if there is one already that answers my question

I am looking to replace discs and pads on my 2013 Yaris MK 3 1.33 VVT-i Trend 3dr model, but I am struggling to find the information on the specification needed. I believe Genuine part is 04465-YZZDS for pads, I am not too sure about discs.... From what I've gathered there are different diameter / thickness to choose from for discs: 275x22 and 258x22

Can anyone advise what the specification is? Thanks

I am looking to buy them from Euro Car Parts as I can it's local to me

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Upon more research I found diagrams on PartSouq based of my VIN number, which give part number for both:

Brake pads - 044650D050
Brake discs - 435120D060

I hope this helps anybody. I've looked at the spec online of these parts and ordered Bosch equivalent from EuroCarParts for £110 total! 

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Too late now Jacob but a look on eBay might have proved useful. There are sometimes good prices for genuine parts from Toyota dealers there.

Some months ago I paid around £85 for a set of front pads and two discs, Toyota boxed, delivered.

However, your information could well be useful to someone.:thumbsup:

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