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Rosie two year anniversary valet

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Pictures don't really do her justice but I love how a £25 valet really brings her back to looking like new.





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Hi Isobel, :smile:

Crikey, has it really been two years?  Time flies but Rosie is still looking like a new pin.....£25 well spent, I would say.:clapping:

I gave my little fella a wash yesterday after that dusty rain we had and as it's Good Friday, I've got plans to give the interior a good fettling with my box of sprays and polish and if the weather holds (It's not always grim up north, is it?) he's getting the full Auto Glym resin wax treatment, later.

It's great to see a few piccies of Rosie, two years time you talk to her (As I know you do) tell her I said that she looks stunning.

All the best. :thumbsup:

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Yep time flies when I'm having fun in an Aygo. She had her two year service last month and no problems whatsoever. Its a shame I can't save enough money to buy her but I'll be trading her in for another Aygo next year, just going to see her through her MOT.

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