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Engine Smells Through Air Vents


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I've begun to notice that, under hard acceleration (e.g. up to 60mph in 2nd full accelerator), I occasionally get a slight smell of oil through the air vents. It's a 1.8VVTi Avensis, manual 2001 hatchback and has done approx 36K miles. The oil usage when I last checked was between minimal and nothing. Isn't generally thrashed and runs well.

Is this normal - e.g. an oil breather type thing - or something I should look into further?


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I checked inside the oil filler cap and all looks clean. Water usage is pretty much zero. Will take it to main dealer in a few weeks when I get the chance. Did report it before but the guy that came on the road test seemed to be suffering from hayfever and so was in no position to smell anything...!

Seem to remember that many cars have some connection between the breather pipe from the camshaft case and the air vents. PCV?? No Haynes manual for Avensis, though.


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