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My horn goes off when steering wheel is on lock

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My 2007 aygo horn keeps going off when I have steering wheel on full lock either left or right I recently went to Toyota about this problem and they say they can’t fix it needs to go to a garage that deals with electrical problems. Can anyone advise me what to do cause it really embarrassing 😪😒

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I would expect this to be caused by a failing 'clock spring' cable that sits immediately behind the steering wheel.  Like this one:-

The cable allows the steering-wheel-mounted electrical items (airbag, horn switch) to connect to the rest if the car without getting tangled wires. 

If you search against this part number in the link you will get some idea of the price spread.  (Note that this is not necessarily the correct part number for your car!)

If it is this at fault then fitting the new part is easy enough; the steering wheel and its airbag have to come off, so under an hour to do, but not a d-i-y proposition without experience of steering wheels, airbags etc.

I don't own an Aygo, so this fault could be an Aygo-unique type fault that I have no knowledge of, i.e. something else...

I'm sure someone will be along to give more detail shortly.


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