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2019 Rav4 - 68.9 mpg !

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Good morning all,

A new video on YouTube - 1001 cars showing 68.9mpg over a 11.8 mile city driving trip with 79% of the time in EV mode. Not sure if it is the 2WD or AWD model though.

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It's not too surprising, if the 11.8 miles started with the Battery charge high and ended with it low.  These "tests" are only valid if the Battery charge were at the same state at start and finish.

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He's saying in the video comments that it's the FWD model and the fill-to-fill real life is only 4% worse. Presumably on a city commute in eco-driving. (i.e. driving like a nun! :) )

He has another video where he's comparing the RAV4 with other SUV's in various driving modes - here's the RAV4 figures:

68MPG eco-driving (city) making the most out of the EV mode
54MPG at 56mph (constant)
40MPG at 75mph (constant)
32MPG at 87mph (constant)




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I just done a journey tonight of 7.6 miles which I know Is favourable for my Prius cause I travel it twice per week. I had been out earlier today, but engine had been stationary for 90 minutes though there would still have been some heat there. There was also a few bars on the Battery gauge. Coming home tonight the car showed 94.4mpg. At one point it was showing 135mpg, yet half a mile up the road it was showing 114.2mpg. the drop was due to a hill which had a big effect on the mpg. Still 94.4 is amazing.

 However, that is taking a short favourable journey...... but it’s not the whole story. Today I have done a total of 48.4 miles, and the average for that is 74.4mpg which is still very good.

But, the car has travelled just over 27,000 miles in just 32 months, and the average mpg over that period/miles 72mpg. Over the 5,700 miles I have had the car the average is 72.2mpg. 

What Battery storage is available at the start of a journey does affect the journeys potential mpg. The weather also has an effect, get the temperature over double figures and the mpg is better then below double figures. So it does depends when a test is conducted, and variable conditions.

My first journey in my Gen4 Prius was from a dealer in Solihull back to where I live near Chester. 100 mile journey and averaged 91.9 mpg. Fantastic. However this was late July 2018, a really hot day. A lot of M42/M5/M6 and good fast A roads. However, particularly the M-way were chokka and road works brought me to a halt a few times, and slowed me down to 40mph. Probably unique circumstances meant I could get fantastic mpg over a 100 mile journey.

i have not been able to replicate that July 2018 day (yet), but I have learned that different road systems will give different results, and I need to try to get the best of any situation I am in.


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