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Rear view camera, hide wiring front view camera

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Hello   RE Left Hand Drive 2002 Rav 4  Diesel Manual 4 x 4

1) I have a camera for reversing. How does anyone place the camera so that one can see the distance from

the spare wheel cover to the car behind? If I place the camera on the rear screen, inside, above the wheel cover

the wheel cover blocks the view of the distance available. As the camera is low cost I may stick

it onto the wheel cover but it may be cut by a vandal.  Any ideas please?

2) I Have hands free telephone with microphone on the front windscreen reversing mirror

     and a dash cam.  How do I remove the side pillar cover on the right hand side to hide the wiring that needs to

come down to the cigar lighter.  The car is built so well there is no gap along the panel cover

3) Is there another way to route the cable? perhaps alongside the radio and buttons assembly

but it may be visible but better than being seen across the dashboard

Thank you

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Re the front mounted camera. are you sure you cannot hide the wire in the roof trim? I done it in a 2010 Auris, 2010 Prius and 2016 Prius. They are tight fits but I got blunt dining knife and forced a small opening and pushed the wire in. Got to the door and hid it behind the flexi black “rubber” door trim down under the dash. Under the dash I ensured cable was held up by existing wiring loom/whatever available. then tuck under the “transmission” tunnels to the cig lighter which now has a twin usb socket. You could run the wire and piggy back onto a fuse that is active when ignition is on. I know my experience is with a Prius/Auris and not a Rav, but persevere with the headlining see if it will tuck under.

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