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Corolla Hybrid Media System

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7 hours ago, mauriziopiero said:

I have also the no signal issue ( mi A1 ) mostly when starting the car from an area with no signal. It seems to me to be a bug of the TT2 system that will not update signal power after a loss.

Inviato dal mio Mi A1 utilizzando Tapatalk

Just to point out, I have signal on my phone at all times, it's just that car media system does not have signal and that results in 'out for service' when trying to make an outgoing call. 

All incoming calls are connected with no problems

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Had a call today from Toyota and dealership, there is a bug with the nav system retaining the 3D setting.  Dealer is currently downloading an update and will apply it to their demonstrator, if that fi

Outdated because if we want to update maps we'll have to pay for it every 2 or 3 years while you can have it for free on your smartphone. I've spoked with a local dealer and they've told me that while

Still quite a lot more expensive than using a phone though 😕 To be clear I only have the Sat Nav because it came with the trim level I wanted. Given a choice I'd have preferred a slightly cheaper

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I've never had a message saying out of service, if i lose signal it just has a line through the reception icon and then it comes back again but certainly no pop-up.

I have a OnePlus 6 (android).

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4 minutes ago, bewA said:

I've never had a message saying out of service, if i lose signal it just has a line through the reception icon and then it comes back again but certainly no pop-up.

I have a OnePlus 6 (android).

I'm getting the pop-up when I try to make an outgoing phone call and when there is no signal (according to the car, but I always have signal on my phone). Also to note, even though there is no signal on the car media screen, I can receive phone calls to the device and they appear right away on the media screen.

I should maybe try with a different phone to be sure it's not specific to my device

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On 8/13/2019 at 5:16 PM, bewA said:

I will contact my dealer as well to see if they have an update that fixes the map always in 2D!

Question is what other things are fixed in this update!  Maybe @Devon Aygo might know if allowed to share? 🙂


On 8/13/2019 at 8:32 PM, Heidfirst said:

That sounds like the typical timescale for the Autumn maps update. However, Devon Aygo has previously said that they have now separated the software & mapping updates so that they could speed up fixes ...

Software is definately now separate from the Maps which will still follow the bi-annual update ( March/October ) at dealer level the first we will know is when the update and relevant technical service bulletin are uploaded to TechDoc, so no idea of when the next update is due.

The latest is:

Audio: no update at present

Navigation: The latest version published is 1520 and includes:

List of solved issues for MEU: Multimedia Extension Unit (navigation module):

  • MEU Software release version 1520:

    • Wrong navigation guidance speech in Hungarian: translation of word "street" said twice by the navigation unit.

    • Wrong side of navigation traffic information for left-hand traffic countries.

    • When using voice recognition to input an address, it does not recognise voice input. Due to error related to sampling frequency mismatch.

    • When using map, it appears loading endlessly.

    • Navigation cursor turning more or less than vehicle due to gyroscope wrong calibration.

  • MEU Software release version 1512

    • After ignition on the map view is not displayed and the driver will see a black screen. The functions of the DCU remain fully functional.

navdb_version ( Maps) 2019v1 

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I have no problems with the bluetooth connection with the Nokia 7.1 (Android pie) but no luck with setting up the mirror link connection by WiFi or usb: no apps are showing up on the screen.

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I’m having a problem with a iPhone X using Spotify via the bluetooth connection. I have the JBL sound upgrade and I’m finding the tweeters (windscreen pillar) are switching on and off at random when playing music from Spotify. This is noticeable by the higher frequencies of the music appearing and disappearing at random for a few seconds many times a minute. This happens both when the car is stationary or driving. Anyone else found this?

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It looks very strange all these random problems. bluetooth connection with my Nokia 7.1 running Android pie (last security patch) is 95% ok, running Spotify over maps or Waze. Same with company's iPhone 6s. Not 100% because sometimes it recalls the last phone paired and doesn't hunt for a new connection even if the bluetooth of that one is off. But that's a 3 touch action choosing another phone to pair with.

On the Spanish Toyota forum they're claiming that cars manufactured from October (HB & TS) and November (sedan) Android auto and car play will be already installed and the others will get an update during the first quarter of 2020. Lexus already notified they're customers in that sense. For Lexus owners it looks will be free but a charge may apply to Toyota owners (not officially announced)

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