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This is a silly post really but who here has run across Peter Finn on Youtube?

Many if not most of you I'm sure so what do you reckon to his channel. I've gone there once or twice and found useful info when I was in doubt but the real joy is the man's english.


I'm not being cruel or nasty saying that, I. love the way the guy talks and presents his posts. I work with a couple of Polish guys and have worked with many more in the past amd find them to be great folk.


I'm not sure if Peter is actually Polish or another Eastern European nationality but he makes me smile, a proper warm smile of joy not a mocking one I hasten to add.

Even if the video is something I know inside out it's still a joy to watch.

Anyway, I wanted to post that thought as I'm not sure if I have seen him. mentioned here before 😉😉😉


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The guy's Finnish, they have quite a distinctive accent.

Anytime i looked for Toyota related videos, his popped up, but i think he stopped doing Toyotas now and moved to some other brands.

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