Cleaning turbo charger

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Fellow enthusiasts

I have bought a turbo cleaning kit for my 2007 D4D Toyota Avensis (122000 miles done).

I bought "Power Maxed Diesel Turbo Cleaning Kit" from euro car parts.

As per the instrutions, i can clean the turbo without removing it. 

My question here is 

If i introduce the cleaning liquids/sprays into the turbo, what will happen to the grime and the cleaning liquid? Does it get drained into the exhaust?

Where does it go?

I do some simple DIY tasks on my car like changing Oil, cleaning egr valve etc. Any help on how to proceed with this job?

Thanks a bunch.

Cheers , Nebu

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Posted (edited)

I don't know if the kit would have much effect on the exhaust side of the turbo, as most of the cleaning liquid would likely burn up as extra fuel in the cylinders. That said, anything breaking loose from the hot side should go out through the exhaust system as soot and ash. Hopefully it won't clog or destroy your catalytic convertor. If you at capable and keen, it would be better to remove and manually clean the turbo. Look at a few YouTube videos on the subject before you decide to pick up your tools, though. It looks like a bit of a pain to remove and refit, but not too terrible.

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I think paul9 is right; no cleaning liquid will do the trick. If you really think your turbo needs cleaning, you have to remove it. 

122000 miles is not so much yet... mine 2,0 D4D has run 340000 km soon and turbo sounds fine!

Only liquids which may have some effect are those for injectors (STP, Forte,...) 

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Thanks Paul9 and Avetoy.

I am a bit worried to take off the turbo because it seem like a big job. I havent see any error or eml lights about turbo. Its just that when i took my EGR to clean yesterday i saw a ton of soot in it and hence i thought, what might be the situation inside turbo. I have cleaned my EGR couple of times before in the last 100000 km that i drove.

@avetoy : What are the good injector fluids for me to use? I usually add  "Redex Diesel Treatment" to my full tank of Diesel. Most of the time i use super diesel.


Thanks a bunch guys.

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I don´t know much about those injector cleaning fluids... maybe that Redex is as good as the others. I use sometimes just  two stroke Oil. 1 dl mixed with full tank and that´s it. 2-stroke Oil lubricates injectors as well as other, more expensive stuff.



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