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Toyota avensis mot advisories

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I put my car in for an mot which failed for a broken cable for the bonnet and 3 brake pipes. Now fixed.

it came with advisories .

in particular all 4 suspension arms corroded but not seriously weakened.

and macpherson strut corroded but not seriously weakened. 2 at front.

did not have time to speak to mechanic but was wondering what kind of costs these would entail.


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Japan parts would be 50 each, so 200 non oem looks 25:

Labour cost would include removing springs and removing rusty nuts so 200 if you are lucky so total would be 300 with non oem parts, and Toyota dealer cost would probably be double so maybe 600 with Japan parts oem.



My yaris is due it's first mot since I bought it and the suspension arms at rear look rusty. The dealer got the car from Scotland - do cars rust more in the north, I probably answered my own question. But a little autosol with a metal brush would stop rust in its tracks.

There site has mixed reviews of non oem parts failing:


Even though they are much cheaper than carparts4less where a non oem arm costs 50 I believe starline.

These are only estimates but note that on my car removing the springs would also involve removing the shock absorber as the shock absorber is put inside the spring.

But I would go the autosol route....


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I recommend you get a wire brush clean everything up and soak it all in rust killer and when all dry paint them in Hammerite .

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