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Mr Wolf

Cruise control mpg

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Spent the last week in Yorkshire and covered about 650 miles in total so it provided me with scope to check a few things out with my mpg. Overall the average mpg according to the settings display was 48.8 which seems good for a 1.8 petrol which was fully laden most of the time. I also did a brim to brim check which was almost the same as the display mpg.

On the way home on the A1, not being in any hurry, I set the cruise control at 60mph and noticed that in 6th gear revs were exactly 2,000. I also noticed that  the range reduced by 1 mile for exactly every 2 miles travelled. By the time I reached my destination in Essex my odometer showed 265 miles travelled, range was showing 277 and average mpg  48.8.

If it had been possible to continue my journey until the range showed zero then potentially I could have driven another 554 miles (2 x 277) which means I could have travelled 819 miles on one tankful. Ludicrous I know, but when I fill up range usually shows 450 miles and my "experiment" suggests this could be extended to 900 miles if I set cruise control at 60mph and found a road that long without roundabouts or severe hills!

It got me thinking what is the optimum speed to set cruise control to obtain maximum mpg? Obviously this will depend on characteristics of car among a lot of other things. 

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it's a 13.2 gallon tank so x48.8=650miles.

I wish that I could average 48mpg in mine but my usual driving/journey profile doesn't promote it. 

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I think the optimum is around 50-55 but that would seriously tick off other drivers, especially HGVs. 60 is a decent compromise, anything faster and rapidly increasing air resistance starts to really sap your mileage.

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