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Is swapping with the corolla worth it?

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I still got atleast a year of finance for my current Auris excel. Just thinking of whether swapping it to the new corolla hybrid worth it? It seems the Auris brand will depreciate more as it was replace by the corolla ? 

The Corolla looks good but a tad expensive at the moment and not much offers being done by the dealers as because its a brand new car apart from having a 0% PCP  Is it worth it to wait for another year until sales settled down and risk the current value of the Auris to depreciate further?  And loose the perks of zero road tax and start paying  it again upon purchase of a new car   Is it better as well to sell privately or  any other company to sell my current car rather than swapping it with the dealers? Will i get more compared to dealership? 

Im leaning towards a Design spec of the Corolla  but now started looking at other brands like the Honda civic,Mazda 3,Focus.  I know its a matter of finance but it seems  they offer better prices as with the Corolla. 

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As regards depreciation, if one had bought a new Auris in the past few months and were looking to change it now, then depreciation may be an issue. However, as yours is 3 years old any effect due to the replacement will be minimal, if noticeable at all.

The other cars mentioned have been on sale for longer than the Corolla, so the finance incentives may well be more attractive as the period of initial demand has passed. 

The other cars also have a shorter new car warranty.

As regards VED, the same will apply to any car bought from April 2017.

Really only you can decide whether your best move would be to wait, sell your existing car privately or part exchange, use a car buying website or whatever. Yes, some people will advise to sell privately, but that can involve a fair degree of time and hassle. Can you afford to be without a car should there be a gap between selling your car and getting the new one.

You need to do some investigation as to what is best for you rather than rely on advice which may not be fully au fait with your situation.

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the depreciation on any brand new car in that class will be more in it's 1st year than an Auris in it's 4th. I personally would probably wait a year & buy an ex-dem or pre-reg  but as Frosty says it's up to you as it is your money.

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In Sweden You'll get an Trim level upgrade bonus worth 18.000 sek,   1.4679 GBP , if you buy a new Corolla before last june this year.

Maybe there's something like that in UK too ?

My experience is that if you got a good relation to a Toyotadealer swaping/trade in feels more safe and 

I was completely in to (when I heard about the new Corolla this autum 2018) swap/trade in my Autis TS HSD 2014 to a new Corolla 

but... I've got some back/spine/ lumbar and right side hip problem and since we bought our Prius + 2016/17 in dec 2018 I've been aware of how much easier the Prius+ is to enter/exit cause its higher than the Auris (and new Corolla is even lower) . My main problem is lumbar disc  though so comfortable seat with good lumbar support is most crusial to me, and I think the new Corolla fulfills that (have only been sitting in Corolla and not driven yet)  

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