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Auris 2014 side lights


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Hello everybody 

I have an Auris Hybrid 2014 and I have a question relating headlights 

I noticed that low beam is very poor so I upgraded bulbs for better visibility. I installed white light pattern bulb instead of dull yellow. It’s much better now but I tried to match it to standard DRL(side light) which are on all the time.

Now my low beam are nice and white but DRL are yellow compared to low beams so I would like to replace DRL’s as well. I googled what kind of bulb goes there and looks like it’s 501 w5w but the owners manual says nothing regarding type of bulb. 

I tried access there but it looks like it’s a sealed unit or is it me doing something wrong? I don’t want to break anything and decide to seek for an advice online first.

I would be very thankful if anyone could help and guide me how to replace this bulbs. I do believe there must me an access even for service matter but I didn’t work it out yet.



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For the past five years or so, Toyota have supplied abbreviated owners manuals with new cars. One can download the full owners manual from https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/eManual and this should contain info on the type of bulb used and how to access the fitment.

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thanks for your reply 

I already checked that before and unfortunately there is no such details. The only info about LED day lights is to contact your local Toyota dealership


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