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2003 diesel corolla gurgling sound

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just picked up a 2003 2.0 D Corolla with 29000 miles and a full Toyota history to use as a run around to get me to work. The car feels almost brand new and has clearly been looked after.

The only thing I can find issue with is a 'gurgling' sound which can be heard sometimes when I pull away in first gear, don't seem to hear it after that. My wife describes the sound as similar to a radiator in the house warming up for the first time after they have stood for a while. The sound is clearly audible and appears to come from just behind the dashboard. 

All levels fine and I have put about 1500 on it this month.


Any ideas what the sound could be ?

Thanks in advance...

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Had the same sound on my old mazda 3, i did some checking back then, turned out it's pretty common annoyance on a range of cars/brands, but not a real issue.

Might be an air bubble in the heater exchange core, try it with the AC off, see if there's any difference.

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Possibly you hear it more because 1st gear produces the most revs  ?

Could be a simple air lock  in the heater matrix, so drive it to full engine temperature , about 20 mins, and then set the heater  to Hot and turn on the fan, it should produce a really good heat from the central vents...... ?


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