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My first toyota

Few niggles with my new verso.

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Hello everyone.

Iv recently bought a 2009 1.6 TR verso with 108000 miles on.

I have a couple of small issues and was hoping someone here can help.

The first thing is that the interior door handles have Oil marks on them. Hopefully they'll show on the pics. Can I get replacement handles or should I try a cleaning hack to get them clean.

Secondly, Im not too pleased about the carpet. Its got very fine dust stuck in it which cant be vacuumed out. How do I get a replacement carpet?

Thirdly, the gears sometimes crunch when going into 1st or 2nd gear. My old avensis used to do that too. Is that normal or should I get my car checked?


Thanks in advance.


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For your Oil marks, you try and spray some wd40 to remove them. 

For your carpet, is it really worth replacing? It is kind of expected as the car is used.

For your gear crunch, my 6 gears diesel does that. I know the fact that the previous owner used alit for short distance drive do would expected a lot of wear and tear to the gearbox. This is evident by looking at the gearbox gaiter.

Mine crunch when engaging into 2nd gear. The way I avoid it crunching is to allow the gearstick to rest in the neutral for a split second before push it into 2nd. I also uses the car mainly for motorway driving so it's not a major problem for me as I am adapted to it. 

The problem is more noticeable when the weather is cold. Note that I had already replaced the gearbox Oil and thus will not cure it as it is the wear and tear in the synchromesh.


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