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2016/17 Rav4 Hybrid suspension upgrade

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Hi All

I'm new here, my partner and I are looking to buy either a 2016/17 Rav4 Hybrid. We are between London and Devon, regularly. When in Devon we visit Dartmoor where we have some woods, and also volunteer as tree health surveyors as well as carrying out River Surveys for the West Country River Trust.

As such we don't exactly go "off-road" as in 4x4 LandCruiser territory - however we do drive through a few dirt lanes and rides through forest's we were going to fit undercarriage 'skid' plates to the engine etc as well as waxoyling the whole thing (well the chassis etc - not the car vehicle of course LOL).

However we feel the ground clearance of the Rav4 Hybrid is still slightly low for some of the dirt tracks we cross - I have been looking around to see if there are any 'riser kits out there for the Rav4 Hybrid. Does any know of ANYWHERE that might have riser/suspension kits (as well as the skid plates)

as mentioned these are the main things I'd like to upgrade if we go for the Rav4 - after (or if above is affordable even buy at same time) we may for nudge bar/winch (occasionally we need to chop down some trees and a winch is essential for this).

Any and all help would be appreciated

Regards Jay

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This link may give you some ideas.


EDIT: Oops, I didn't spot "not compatible with hybrid Toyota RAV4s".  However, Eibach may have alternatives for hybrids.

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