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ABS, VSC, TRC OFF lights are on

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Corolla e12

To better approximate the problem, I will start from the beginning. About 3 months ago, I lost my wheel arch, I had a little interest in the topic and I drove the car for a while. After some time from time to time, abs, vsc and trc off lights started lighting up on me. I kept postponing checking what was going on, because I had a lot of work and I was not able to take care of it. After some time, the lights came on permanently, then I decided to take a closer look at the problem. I checked the bugs with a paper clip and shorted the sockets in the obd connector. She showed me the error codes 41, 43 and 55. I watched the abs sensor in the right wheel and it turned out that there was water there. After clearing and connecting, I got an error 55. I can not really find what an error is on the internet, nor can I get rid of it. Is there anyone who can help me? He knows what a error, maybe even how to remove it?
Thank you in advance for your help.

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This post and the pdf link it has may help, though it does not show error 55.

Might be worth getting a garage to read off the true OBD2 codes for you, assuming they have a reader that does ABS, basic readers do not.

Seems you can get abs sensors for as little as £20 online, might be the quicker and cheaper method to just replace the sensor as it would seem to be the most likely culprit, assuming the metal abs ring  teeth are cllean ;  have you have also checked the abs sensor connector is dry and clean

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