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Newbie - Buyers Guide/Tips

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Hi everyone. First post and pleased to find a very active owners forum. I am about to look for a first car for my daughter. The plan is to go for an Aygo/C1/107 due to the relatively low insurance. I hope to start looking next week and realise I know very little about these models. They seem to be able to handle high mileages so looks to be a good engine and no timing belts to worry about.

I will probably end up with something like a 2008 model with about 70000 on the clock. What should I look out for? I like to think I am an okay mechanic so am not phased by brakes and servcing.

Its possible she will be living away at Uni with it so want to make sure we buy a good one.

Ive seen posts about clutch biting points and leaks. Anything else that should concern me? I hope to get one with AC. Given its a tiny engine, is the AC effective?

Given the Aygo/C1 and 107 are virtually identical, whats the better model (maybe I shouldnt have asked that on a Toyota forum!)? The Aygo platinum looks a good spec (half leather and alloys) and Im not keen on the crazy seat colours in the 107.

If anyone is selling anything good in London/Essex area for less than £2k I may be interested.

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