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Oh deer!

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Yesterday 15/6/19 my  son was driving my SWMBO  and I to a hospital appointment when I think something like a very long odds event occurred for around my part of the world. A deer leapt out into our path suddenly from the left through a break in the hedge. There was no time or chance to avoid a collision with it,even though the brakes were promptly applied..We were doing 40 MPH. The deer staggered across the road then turned around and walked back across the front of the bonnet and disappeared without so much as a limp.

The car was left with a fractured bumper, damaged grill and nearside wing and punctured radiator and am now awaiting a visit from an assessor Fate I suppose!      Luckily none of us were injured which was the main thing but at the moment shank's pony is very much on the cards                                            Two cars stopped and both the drivers said they traveled to work that way and they had no idea the animals were about. 😍

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I've got a butcher on speed dial as this used to happen several times a year within the family when we were all in a rural location 😄 On the up-side everyone walked away unharmed, that's a lot better than it could have been.

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