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Synergy Diesel Tuning

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Just wondering, is anyone out there running a Synergy 3 diesel tuning box on the 2.2 D4-D out there?

Fitted one to my TD4 Freelander, 2003, the difference is amazing!

To clarify, I am not interested in more power or speed, just a smooth / improved torque transition, more torques for pulling the caravan, and better mpg when used as a commuter.

On the Freelander I regularly get 38 - 43 mpg commuting, and towing is a pleasure! Pretty impressive for an old 2.0 Oil burning 120k miles bus! 

Really fancy fitting one to my Rav, feels a tad lacking in lower revs, still to see what true mpg it returns, just wondering if any thought on if or how the Synergy improves the car.

Any feedback appreciated.

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Tuning boxes have come a long way, they used to be simple things with a single parameter that they increased (fuel pressure), more modern systems can measure up to 4, thing is the only ones i’ve seen for a RAV (other than my old Van Aaken that Toyota rebranded which plugged into the main loom behind the glovebox) only alter FPR. Most allow you to alter the level of fuel offset added, but that’s about it.

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