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Project 001

2003 Avensis verso need new engine or engine options petrol.

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Hello people, if anyone can help out, it would be greatly appreciated, I've just bought my first Toyota and it's a 2003 Avensis Verso 2ltr vvt-i 5 speed manual petrol. Long story but I've been conned and ripped off £1000 yesterday purchasing this car, the documents were not left in the glove box after sorting out the v5, and the MOT is August this year an not may 2020 like they said. I got distracted very well and forgot about the paper for that but realised the folder wasnt even there once I got home. The car is perfect condition aside from the engine, although it looks very clean and everything at the right levels etc, I've a mechanic coming out but it sound like the cam is going, (taptaptaptap etc) it wasn't when I test drove it, things were fine, Oil light came on over half way home, 15 miles into a 35 mile drive (driving 15 years no problems caused by my driving such as riding clutch redlining etc) I stopped, called the guy, said he would call back, cut it short, it's a trade buy, Oil light went off, he's not replying accepting calls at all since, took ages stopping letting it cool, but it started tapping a bit so I stopped for an hour an it stopped tapping, finished journey, now not using it thinking it's got engine damage, I'm not scraping it, it's ins and taxed so I'll get it up north and want to know some advice on getting an engine for it or if I should use something else with more power, again, I'm not scraping it, interior is perfect an so is the paint, couple scratches but I want to go black. I'm worried in costs but it will be off road. I've never done this before, only bodywork and interior with basic engine checks, no signs of leakage. Everything at the max.

Sorry for the long post, it's been a very bad couple of days an just want to get it out. Hopefully all being well I'll soon be posting photos of a project start to finish. Can't wait to have this like a new car. Will take a while but here goes. Might as well get something good out of something awful. I love the car, I'll make it mine. Sleeper in the future? High probability.

Will be nice to meet you all.

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Welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

Moved to the Avensis club.

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Always worrying when a car new to you has a problem. One consolation is that if the rest of the car is ok then the engine is the easiest to swap and a car of that age shoud not be expensive. Good lluck with it

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Hi David,

If the Oil level is full and the Oil light came on then perhaps it is just a faulty Oil pressure switch ?

How many miles has it done ?

When was the engine Oil last changed ?

Do you know what Oil it has in it ? Is it the correct grade ?

Please post and let us know what your mechanic says.


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