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2006 1.6 vvti/2007 d4d 2.0

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Hi all.just joined the Toyota club

I'm driving a 2007 toyota avensis d4d. Im wondering would the doors bonnet boot lid,front and back bumpers and front wings all be transferable,from a 2006 avensis vvti onto my 2007 avensis unbolt from one car and bolt straight on to other?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated 

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Hi John

2006 is around the time the Avensis was facelifted, some have the same headlights as your 2007, others have the earlier type. I would expect the parts to be interchangeable if both cars have the same headlights, not sure if the older type would transfer easily to the 2007 car. The earlier type also have indicators in the wings, yours should have them on the door mirrors instead.

There may be some other bits to swap over such as the door cards from doors or maybe wiring, door locks etc.

Other differences could be stuff like does each front bumper have foglights and are they the same style.

Ideally having the 2007 car and 2006 parts next to each other would allow you to compare and see if they are like for like.

Good luck.


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