True mpg 1.8 Corolla hybrid 16 inch wheels

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1 hour ago, bewA said:

I'm assuming when you say forcing you mean by using the EV mode button?

No, I'm talking about deliberately lifting off the accelerator pedal to get the car running off the Battery when it otherwise wouldn't do it itself. EV Mode is known to be bad for fuel consumption and I suspect it's the same regardless of how you force the car to run on electric. I think pre-empting it is fine rather than waiting for it to realise that electric mode makes sense. But I think making it go electric when it otherwise wouldn't have done so isn't a good idea.

Toyota have put a lot of thought into the control system and they will have picked appropriate thresholds for switching to/from electric mode. Trying to override those is basically driving the car in a way that Toyota don't think is best. Of course the car doesn't know about the dip in the road a hundred yards in front and by the time it detects it might be too late to do anything so it makes sense for us to help out. But on a flat section of road if the car doesn't see the need to go electric then I think leaving it alone is best,

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I've been trying to follow the accelerator guidance and mostly it makes sense. The closer you follow it the better your score for whatever that's worth. Last night after driving home from golf (about 8 miles, mostly open road) I actually got 97 when I parked the car in the garage. Highest score I've ever seen.

But sometimes the guidance makes no sense or else is impractical. Most mornings when I pull away from my roundabout onto the main road the guidance bar only extends to the end of the EV range. Well no way am I going to accelerate away from a roundabout on a main road using just EV. A couple of days ago though it suggested full ICE so I don't know what was different that time. In both cases I'm accelerating away from 20 mph so..?

Other times it seems to follow what I'm doing. It'll suggest 'a bit of ICE' and you give it a bit of ice then it suggests 'a bit more'. The more you press the accelerator the more it suggests.

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Ah ha! Sorry to spam the forum with messages but I found that thread. For some reason Chrome isn't showing it in my history on my work machine. Odd that. I thought all your browsing history was shared across all devices.

Anyway here it is. Enjoy.

If you can follow it for long enough there's some very in-depth technical information and calculations there.

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