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Switching Mobile Phone Providers

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Have you ever wanted to change mobile phone providers, perhaps for better service, maybe for cheaper plan?  But, you reluctant to phone them knowing you will probably get persuasive talk to stay. All seems a hassle.   A hassle I was in over this week end. I want to change to a different provider cause I was paying too much, but since Friday I been reluctant to make the call knowing I could be on line for some time while they try to persuade me to stay.  I actually rang them last night after reading they are open for calls to 10pm 7 days a week (source, their website) only to find hours have changed and they were closed.

So I had the prospect of talking to them this morning BUT on the news this morning was the fact a new system has been launched across ALL providers that I simply had to text a number 65075 (If I want to take my current mobile number to new provider), enter PAC in the message area, and within a minute should get a response.  SO, I did this and, yes, within a minute I got a text back from my provider informing me of my PAC number (to transfer my mobile number), confirming I wasnt on contract, and I had 30 days to use the PAC number (then it expires and I would have to go through the proceedure again).

If you dont want to keep your "old" phone number a similar procedure is used.  Send a text to 75075 but in the text area type STAC, then you can transfer to your chosen provider with their new mobile number.

How simple, its worked for me, now I can give instructions to my new provider to start the transfer.

To retain your current mobile number   text "PAC" to 65075

To transfer without retaining current mobile number   text "STAC" to 75075

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All sorted, I knew which provider I wanted to move to, so I went on their website    activated their sim (which had already been sent to me) altered my password, altered the password which they gave me to something I can remember, told them I wanted to bring my mobile number across to them. I was advised to wait an hour for the eim to be activated, then put into my phone to see if it worked (yes it did), then went back on their website to tell them my PAC number to transfer my mobile to them.  At this point the sim is working, but on the mobile no given to me by them, the transfer of my own number to the sim will take place tomorrow (Tuesday) at a time to be notified. My phone will be "dead" for an hour or so, then will be working with my own old number. All very straight forward and done without talking to a human. 

So glad I got the news this morning of a new system to switch providers so easy. I was switching from a provider that uses EE, good coverage in my area, to another provider, 1pmobile, that also uses EE, but as the charging plan is completely different I should be able to save some money every month with no loss in service. Then I will transfer my wifes phone over, we both will get £5 credit, and be able to save on her bill every month (and I pay for that so its a saving for me). 

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