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Traol Coladis

Toyota Celica Manuals

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Well This is the Toyota Celica that I travelled up to New South Wales for.

The photos do not show clearly where the Duco is peeling.

The rear quarter panel have dents on both sides but they are not serious. I am hoping that with some boiling hot water and a plunger I might be able to pop them out.

I have found two online pdf’s for this model. If anyone would like them I got them from here.

I hope that everyone finds it helpful.







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Moved to the Celica club.

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Well I have posted my photos in another post. What these images don’t clearly show is that the clear coat is starting to peel away.

i am going over the car more thoroughly this weekend. 

‘I know that the plastic aprons that came with the car are still in place. The apron under the car has become detached at one point so I plan to put the car up on steel ramps to reattach the apron also I plan replace burnt headlight/fog light globes  and I think that the Car will be ready to go. But I am going to have to balance that with other family commitments and the financial constraints.


Having driven the car back to Victoria, some 850km, the steering feels tight as does the suspension. The engine has run smoothly the whole way and idles smoothly. I put 98 octane in her.

Cruise control works. As does aircon and heater, Dempster front and rear are functional. Braking and handbrakes appear fine with no noise/squealing. Brake pads on the brakes are still fine I believe. Rims don’t have cracks in them. Just have to save up $900 AUS for car rego. 180 for the road worthy cert. and car insurance... $350.00 for 3rd party fire and theft.


i wonder if Toyota will sponsor me???????    LOL!

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