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How to get Toyota service history online without a dealer?

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I tried registering on Toyota Europe  website, but there is no option to do so, only to login, so i presume dealer sets you up with an account.

When i inquired for some parts at a dealer this year, they sent me a link automatically and registered me on Toyota Central Europe >>, however this does not show me my service history, so i deleted my account.

Can someone confirm Toyota Europe does actually show service history, and maybe some way to obtain it myself?

I only have screenshots from the dealer which does not really give me much info.

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Well, to make it short, you need to go to and it will redirect you to the country you live in, and give you option to register.

My car was imported from Germany, so i wanted to see the service history there, so i registered on DE website, all works good, i entered the VIN and it was fine.

However, you need to confirm the car ownership by giving it the number of your technical registration list, which i dont have, as i had to give original papers when i registered it here (to prove ownership and that it was reported to DE authorities as export etc).

I don't have the copy, so i dont have those numbers, the support on website says we cant help you, it's up to dealers, so it's a dead end.

I have screenshots from the dealer, but you cant click to get extensive info (if there is any at all to see).



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